Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MaxisIT eCollabora for Medical Writing needs

CT Renaissance™ eCollabora™, designed for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, is a user friendly web-based collaborative medical writing, reviewing and tracking system. Our centralized system allows Writers and Reviewers to communicate instantly irrespective of their global location. Writer content and reviewer comments are stored in a centralized repository and internal versioning is maintained for the same. Our system provides a user-friendly interface and editor to help Writers and Reviewers streamline collaborative clinical trial protocol writing processes.

eCollabora internal workflow system allows users to track the internal process from start to finish. Web-based collaborative review and authoring solution offers a secure, structured and controlled review environment and is unique such that the review takes place in the browser - there are no documents to download. It is designed for a secure, real-time review process with a strong audit trail and traceability.


Role-based secured user management
User dashboard
Business process workflow
Web-based editor support
Collaborative authoring
Collaborative reviewing
Review comments
Standardized yet customizable templates
Audit trial and traceability
Version controlled deliverables
Document formats support
Alerts and email notification
Intuitive reports
21 CFR part 11 compliance
Web based and user friendly THIN client interface
Optimized performance


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